How Facebook manipulates everyone, everything, and everywhere

that profit of a few doesn’t necessarily serve the greatest benefit for us all. There is no solution where marriage with these companies is still a reality. You can’t have your private life protected while still agreeing to these privacy policies. You have to stop using Google. You have to stop using Facebook. It’s not just the government surveillance that’s a problem here. The whole industry went rogue.

There has to be a new regulation that catches up with our privacy standards of the past. If the commercial Internet destroys everything that allowed it to become reality in the first place, then this will make it into history books as a failure of free society to guard its own liberty. Do we want to live in a world where a handful of marketing companies control all private information of every adult Internet user? Soon, Internet will be used by everybody on Earth. Not using it will not be an option.

Next privacy policy might as well just be “when turning 18, you agree to have your life monitored 24/7 to be used by advertisers and the government for all general purposes. If you disagree with this policy, feel free to opt out of living.” Is this what convenience has to cost us? The solution to this problem is simple but not easy.

We need a dotcom equivalent of do not call the law. Do not call law is a regulation maintained by the United States Federal Communications Commission that keeps a registry of people wishing to opt-out from telemarketers calling their numbers for advertising purposes. Similarly, online marketers and websites should not be allowed to track Internet citizens, if they wish to opt out. Tracking of browsing history should be illegal. No website needs to see what you do outside of their services to “improve their services”.

Tracking of logged out users through like and share buttons on websites should be banned. Likewise, companies should be barred from collecting information on people visiting websites using their third-party tools like Google Analytics or Facebook advertisements. When you visit a website that uses Facebook adverts, you are not using Facebook services, and should not be subjected to their data collection. Your browsing history should be between you and your Internet Service Provider and no one else. ISPs shouldn’t blackmail or deceive you into defaults.

Just like Facebook, Google’s business model also stands in the way of the free and open Internet. You can also learn more about Google’s dirty industry practices that threaten free market and digital rights in my other video. If you feel like Facebook privacy policy is too much for you, you can find ways to protect your online privacy. There is a useful guide on where you can learn privacy protection step by step. I also made an easy to follow video tutorial on how to protect your privacy online that you can use even if you are not tech savvy.

On this channel, I want to work on exposing clandestine business practices that go against our digital rights and individual freedoms. If you want to see more analyses like this one and useful ways how to protect your online identity and privacy, subscribe to my channel for more videos in the future. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. It’s essential that we spur debate about Facebook privacy problem. Sooner or later, this is going to have been about more than just installing privacy extensions on your,

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