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Depression Mental Health and Self Care Tips

Depression Mental Health and Self Care Tips

Depression Mental HealthHello, friends I want to talk about mental health you would know I just went through a little bit of a rough patch nothing major just like the old regular routine soul-crushing sadness that you would be familiar with if you have a depression disorder.

And I just want to share with you some of the things that I do to feel better and this is mostly for going through a depression but I also can help if you’re having like an anxiety attack or if you’re just having a really anxious week my anxiety is the number one thing that I struggle with but the anxiety is just like a constant thing in my life whereas the depression.

Will like completely go and then completely come back you know what I mean so I want to share with you some of the things I do to cope um and some self-care overall tips I want to make very clear that I’m aware that not everyone can do these things not everyone has access or the ability or the like support network and also depression makes these things really hard to do cuz it’s like going for a walk and it’s like kay that’s hard when.

I feel immobilized by my mind and I’m stuck in my bed but this is my list of things that have helped me if I say something and you say I don’t think I’m capable of that that is not your fault this is just my cohesive list I think I have like 11 things so momma mona big sister list is here to hopefully help you and I just want to share because.

I like making videos about mental health and that sort of thing because I think it brings us closer feels like a more like big sister little sister relationship sort of thing but I also just don’t want that to be me crying on my floor every time so here’s a positive video yeah top the first thing I have is skincare routine I have never had a skincare routine before in my life until the past couple of weeks when I was not doing very well and I was like you know what I think might change my life forever exfoliating.

so I went and I just went to my drugstore and I got a couple things what did I get I got I can post a picture of it cuz I don’t really know again I I admit asshole and I don’t even usually take off my makeup before I go to bed don’t type an angry comment I know it’s bad for me I don’t really take off my makeup I only really wash my face in the shower but I started breaking out like on my little forehead but I think that’s because I went off my birth control for a month and now I’m going back on it so my hormones are like screaming at me and my skin is like erupting from the inside

But skincare routine makes you feel fresh makes you feel alive helped so much and it doesn’t have to be anything crazy it can literally just be like washing your face and then throwing on some moisturizer get yourself a nice soft face cloth wet your face take off your makeup if you have makeup on and just feel so good I’ve been feeling a lot better taking off my makeup entirely which I didn’t use to do again I know that’s bad for me but my skin was always pretty problem-free now it’s not now.

It’s mad at me you probably can’t see cuz I covered it with makeup which I know is bad for it to your face feels fresh your face feels clean it smells good big recommend there’s nothing worse with like having your mind feel crusty and laying in bed and then having your face feel crusty like let’s decrease one of those d crusts from the outside in Tumblr cup for water oh I have mine right here this thing this thing comes with me everywhere I have like three tumbler cups and they are so handy you just freakin keep it with your ice cubes water one of these will change your life again.

this is very basic first level things I’m not a therapist but like washing your face keeping one of these at your bedside table like with you at school with you at work I used to have one for my candy store job one for my Claire’s job and then one at my house and I was just like constantly hydrated and living.

my h2o life this is a pushed cup have I shown this before I I love them so much so not only and it’s a sparkly on the top not only does it keep me hydrated but it makes me happy because look I like this one that’s my favorite good um there are some cute ones at Claire’s I ordered this from Hot Topic online get yourself a cute tumbler and stay hydrated and I love you it’s okay next on my list is get outside go for a walk even just open a window or sit on your deck or like balcony if you have one again this is one of those things that’s like hmm Julia that is one of the main things that being depressed prevents. you from doing is going outside and going for a walk. but my best friend John came over a couple of weeks ago.
when I was like a sad girl and we went for a walk and we took some pictures and we just hung out and we were good pals and it was so refreshing it was probably like 12 degrees Celsius so it was warm and it was just so nice.

Especially in the winter if it’s semi remotely warm enough to walk outside oh it was so nice that day meant a lot to me and it made me feel so much better um yeah just go hang out go to your neighborhood Park sit on the swings put in your headphones listen to the Smiths but like only the happy songs if the Smiths have any songs I can count as happy girlfriend in a coma not really again if you can’t do that open a window it helps to feel the breeze again the other night John came over again we made a blanket fort and we opened the window and it was like uh-huh it was like something.

Out of a 90s movie I felt alive happy and Blessed be creative draw sing so play piano whatever you um this helps a lot and I think it’s probably one of my healthiest coping mechanisms and that’s another thing that’s difficult because everyone kind of has a vise and everyone has something that they go to,
whenever they are low that might not be healthy like for me it was cutting and binging and purging for some people it’s smoking or drugs or alcohol and I know it’s so much easier said than done but it can’t help to try and just replace those with creative things or harmless things as much as you can and I think drawing is really good you can draw the most like spooky-ass vent art sort of and no one has to ever see it but it feels good dude you can write you can sing I play piano all the time whenever.

I just oh my god piano is like the number one thing that I just like melt into and focus on and I like to check out from the real world for like at least an hour a day usually and I will just like learn a little tune sing a little Bop live a little life and it feels good sometimes it’s hard to feel motivated to get up and be creative trust me I’ve been working on the same sewing project for weeks and it could have taken like three days so I think it helps a lot if you can just get up and make the things that you need to be creative readily.

Available to you like to get all of your regular materials in a pencil case or like keep it by your bed if you need to draw in your bed or you know you know to get your needle and thread all together in a little like box in a little jar in a little container it just kind of helps so that then when motivation does hit you-you’re not like scrambling around trying to find everything and then it’s like half an hour later and you can’t find your like seam ripper and you’re like off it life sucks.

I’m gonna lie in bed don’t be that guy get a box put it in the box I definitely have been that guy before and it’s sad because the motivation hits you and then it goes and you’re just like ripping apart your room trying to find your ayran or something connect with friends and family again this is not something everyone can do not everyone has people that they are like open with not everyone has a good support network and I’m sorry and I hope that I can always I don’t know to be here digitally and I hope that the comments section can always be a nice warm safe place for you at least but yeah that helps me a lot and especially letting people around you know.

what you’re going through just so that they know why you might be acting a little bit off cuz I find that stresses me out a lot not only the first level the first wave of badness being that like I’m depressed but the second level of like of people at work are gonna think I’m being such a pain or my friends are gonna think I’m distant they’re gonna take it personally I like oh my god people are gonna like be so confused and I’m letting everyone down no stop sit down just one cache sentence one cache statement doesn’t need to be a huge deal

Just be like hey just you know I’m kind of going through a little bit of a rough patch right now so if I seem a little weird that’s why please let me know if there’s anything I can do I don’t know it like at work especially just be like sorry if I’m a little quiet like you know and obviously do your best especially at things like work but you know just letting your boss know if your boss is cool enough just be like hey sorry if I’m a little weird I’m working on it like let me know if there’s anything.

I can do better same with friends especially if you have dangerous vices like cutting or like drugs or anything be like hey I’m going through kind of a rough patch and if they’re really good friends you can be like can you keep an eye on me can you yell at me if you notice me spiraling a little bit and that’s tricky cuz you don’t want to kind of like be a burden on your friends but also like that’s what friends are for not to like be a burden but like to help you when you feel like you’re drowning and you’re about to die and you may say yes just be open with your friends and family let them know what you’re going through so that you can have another pair of eyeballs and ear balls looking out for you especially if you have vices that can be dangerous I have to hold your pets close I love my Mau Maus if you don’t have a pet and you’re able to get a pet eventually that is the number one thing I recommend if you struggle with mental illness.

I love my meows they saved my life there is one on my peeps couch over here and I love her so much and she’s napping we snuggle every night it makes me feel alive I brush her I trim her little mats I smooch her it’s the best thing ever I feel like I’m not alone in the world get a cat comfy clothes that make you feel good about yourself and not lazy slash guilty this one I recently discovered and it rocks dude go get yourself some comfy loungewear things that make you feel comfortable.

Not restricted not like gross or like you can’t like to relax but also that don’t make you feel like you’re a lazy slob cuz I find a lot of the time you’re like comfy at home lounge clothes can be like an ex XL Britney Spears t-shirt or whatever or clothes that are just like big and comfy but maybe kind of make you feel not good about yourself I don’t know is that just me so I actually got a couple pairs of like comfy little cute little like shorts like the little nineties ones with the cute little stripe piece and like some cute little teaser one comfy thing so yeah that is kind of maybe a weird suggestion but that helped me a lot so you feel still kind of nice and cute and good about yourself.

But also like come see if you can clean your room being in a messy environment makes me feel so low and irritated I hate having a messy room my room right now is not great it’s not terrible but it’s not great and it makes me mad and I think I’m gonna clean it after this video because I’m gonna rip out my eyes it makes me irritated it makes me mad it makes me upset it makes me feel dirty it’s bad clean your room okay I know I’m a hypocrite because ah my room has not been cleaned in like two weeks and it needs to be but if you can if the motivation strikes you if it hits you clean your room it helps so much my room so gross, oh my god I need to vacuum just clean your room remember to take your meds take your meds I cannot tell you the percentage of times.

When my friends have been like oh man I’m having a really bad day like I’m really stressed and really anxious and I’m like did you take your meds and they’re like nope thanks for the reminder please remember to take your meds a lot of the time we can kind of forget that and we get so caught up in like oh I’m spiraling oh my god I’m so scared what’s going on I’m freaking out and you forget like did I did I take the thing that makes that go away cuz that can help I think a lot of the issue is that when I was going through my little depression bout I was trying to wean off of one of my meds and that didn’t really work so.

I started taking it again and I just ran out of it and I realized that I don’t have any refills so hopefully I’m gonna be okay but yes please take your meds that is a very important thing if you have meds if you don’t that is fine take your vitamins eat an orange take a good bath with music or a good show to relax and ground yourself detach from the world for like 45 minutes a day and hang with a rubber duck um.

I love baths are such a big part of my life I pretty much don’t take showers I just take baths and sometimes I won’t even need to clean myself like I will be clean being and I will just go soak in the bath because I want to I just need to be submerged in water this is so good man like make a good playlist that is not like a wallowing playlist it’s good to find music that you relate to and I think my next and last point is that it’s good to find music that you relate to but make sure you’re not listening.

To music that kind of feeds into your mood and makes you sadder look for nice Tunes soft Tunes rocking tunes yeah man grab a bath make sure that if you have any like electronics around they are not plugged in because I do not want anyone to get electrocuted and die but yeah dude hop in a bath again not everyone can do this you don’t need a bath bomb I’ve seen posts going around that are like self-care.

Isn’t about like bougie white girl yoga bath bombs and those posts piss me off because self-care is different for everyone and self-care can be as simple as taking your meds drinking water and opening a window but also there’s a whole scale of self-care and sometimes it is getting a goddamn lush bath balm and soaking in the tub with a goddamn Yankee Candle right everyone has different things they turn to cope and I don’t think we should shame anyone for liking lush bath bombs and I don’t think we should shame anyone for liking yoga or things.

That makes them feel better I don’t like when people try to like out depression each other and I think that’s what those posts kind of are at the very base level they’re like your self-care maybe facemasks and $20 bath bombs my self-care is just walking to my bathroom and it’s like okay yeah I don’t want to invalidate what you’re going through but please don’t invalidate what I’m going through everyone deals with depression.

And mental illness differently we don’t need to shame anyone for you know coping in a different way that’s my hot take my last point is find media that can relate to in a healthy way I always rewatched drew Monson videos when I get really low or I sink into a new anime but don’t wallow in things.

I kind of touched on that I literally started watching drew Monson  last night I just loved him he’s funny he makes me laugh and then he does also touch on suicide and depression and stuff but still kind of in a comedic way so it makes me laugh and makes me feel related to um yeah I love him also I’m watching the anime show by rock right now and it’s really awesome I recommend cute happy fluffy anime show by rock is not that fluffy it’s definitely cute but there’s actually plot.

It’s very good that will probably be a merge favorite um yeah sink into whatever media you love but again do not wallow I made a really sick playlist when I was going through a breakup and it rocks I have so many playlists I have party time I have Chinese food I have tattoo bops Cardcaptor bops princessy bops which are going princess Precure Oja magic ops  para bops strongest gal in town which actually has like an illustration.

That someone made for me on twitter when I was going through that breakup and yeah music can be really good to relate to and it can help to make a playlist when you’re in a good place that you can then go back to later so yes those are all of my tips I really hope this can help in some way again if you’re incapable of doing some of these things if you’ve done some of these things and they don’t work for you that’s okay everything is different everyone is different everyone’s mental illness works in different ways this is just my list of tips thing.

I only just realised I don’t think I ever featured this piece but it’s really freaking cool so I want to feature it even though this is from several months ago I’m sorry but this videos feature confetti club member is nymph guts on Instagram who drew this amazing freaking piece of with my purple hair maybe I did feature this I don’t know I’m featuring it again because it’s really really cute I have one of the tabs from OSHA budgetary me and this art style is just so beautiful oh my gosh it’s so sparkly it’s so bubbly I love if you look like zoom into the hair oh my god I wish I permit Lee had crazy Sparkle hair thank you so much for this piece it’s beautiful sorry this was forever going and sorry if I’ve already featured it but it’s really cute and I like it so thank ya I love you guys all so so much and I’ll see you in the next ARTICLE.

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